Chesterfield Sofas

Chesterfield Sofas in Norfolk

The origins of the classic Chesterfield sofa seem to be lost in the mists of time, but it is thought the first ones appeared in the late seventeenth or early eighteenth century. Various theories abound regarding how a sofa came to be called a Chesterfield, or when the first Chesterfield appeared. Some link the name to the Earl of Chesterfield, others say the name was generic, referring to all sofas, but none of the theories can be substantiated.

The style has remained a design icon, and faithful to the original concept over the centuries, which features a low back and arms of the same height. The deep-buttoned back and arms were evidently first introduced at a later date, towards the end of the eighteenth century, but have stood the test of time and remain a trademark feature.

Once the province of  only the rich and famous, these hand made Chesterfield sofas were extremely desirable, with the early versions covered only in plush velvet.

At some point in time, leather covered Chesterfields gained in popularity and that is how most people now identify them. Leather remains the most popular covering due to the wide variety of colours and finishes available today. Having said that, the original velvet fabric covering is enjoying a resurgence of popularity in recent years. Leather and fabric mixes are also coming to the fore, taking advantage of the modern technology which makes their manufacture possible.

The good news is that a genuine Chesterfield sofa, although still a design landmark, is now available to the public in general and is no longer a classic sofa for the privileged few.

We at Better Furniture based in Great Yarmouth and Norwich are firm advocates of this timeless classic and have examples in our display galleries for you to try.

Original plush velvet, aniline and other leather coverings are shown to their best advantage, along with the new leather and fabric mixes. Customers are encouraged to experience each one and to get a feel for each covering from several manufacturers before making a final decision.
Swatches are placed in each room set, showing all the velvet, leather and fabric colour options relevant to a particular Chesterfield, and of course, our highly trained staff are always available to advise.

Finance is often a good idea when making a major purchase, and we offer several alternative methods of spreading the cost over a pre-determined period. Some plans offer interest free, some offer a no deposit plan. They all vary, but any trained member of staff will discuss the details with you to make sure you take out a plan which suits you and benefits your circumstances. All the major cards are accepted of course, allowing you another option.

Most of our Chesterfields are made to order, with lead times currently running at six to eight weeks or ten to twelve weeks, depending on the manufacturer. Again, our staff will be able to advise on the arrival date of any individual sofa and book a home delivery for you in advance.
We will deliver anywhere on the UK mainland for £10.00 inc VAT, an offer we are proud of, and have maintained in the face of rising transportation costs over the past years.

Further more, if the delivery address is within a thirty mile radius of one of our stores, you will automatically qualify for our Premium Delivery Service, which consists of...

A timed delivery by two of our own specialist staff
A confirmation phone call an hour before arrival
Installation of the sofa in the room of your choice
Assembly in situ - if a modular sofa is chosen
Disposal of all packaging for recycling

Our stores are open seven days a week and are available 24hrs online, and via social media.

Pictures and full descriptions, including specifications and measurements are available on our website, but as mentioned before, there is no substitute for calling in to either store and trying them out with a cup of tea of coffee and an informative chat with one of our specialists.


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